Remove all traces of ash from your stove or fireplace in seconds with the powerful 1000w Valiant Ash Vacuum. The lightweight and compact design features a generous 20 litre capacity. It makes light work of cleaning out fireplaces, barbecues and more, and can even be used on warm ash. The flexible hose and extra-long mains cable means even hard to reach spaces can be thoroughly cleaned. The Ash Vacuum also includes HEPA filter, ensuring dust levels are kept to a minimum and your home remains clean during use.
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Use the handy Valiant Moisture meter to ensure you get the best burn from your fuel, it not only has a back-lit screen to illuminate the reading but the built-in colour-change technology indicates the moisture level of the firewood. Its an essential tool for any fireplace owner! How does the moisture meter work? Fuel quality is the single most important aspect of making a successful fire. To burn effectively the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether its being used in an open fire or a stove. Freshly felled timber can have a moisture content of between 30% and 60%, which when burnt can cause dangerous creosote build-up in chimneys and high emissions of particulates to the atmosphere. Using a moisture meter is a great way to check whether your wood will give you a safe and efficient burn, or if it needs further seasoning. The screen will glow green if your fuel contains less than 20% moisture, indicating that its ready to go. The new Valiant moisture meter can also be used in timber, floors, and buildings in order to detect and measure moisture content.
Our innovative Premium 4 Stove Fan is a uniquely engineered design. Its blades generate up to 70% more airflow than competitor products, giving you maximum benefit, whilst standing at just 199mm tall. The Premium 4 fan operates at a low starting temperature (approx. 50C), which means your living space will be toasty in no time. Simply place the Premium 4 onto the top of your wood-burning stove and feel the warm air distribute further into your room.
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STOVE THERMOMETER - Delivery Included
Protect your stove from overheating with our Stove Thermometer. The magnetic Thermometer clearly displays the temperature of your stove, enabling you to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature and reduce fuel consumption. The robust design and strong magnet of the Stove Thermometer means that its suitable for use on any hot steel or iron surface, including stoves, BBQ, ranges, patio heaters, flue pipes or chimineas.
Safely tend to your fire or BBQ with these comfortable, elbow length protective gloves. The heavy knit of our Heat Resistant Gloves have been specifically designed for enhanced grip and maximum dexterity. The outer layer - a woven blend of aramid fibres used in industry and other extreme environments - ensures heat resistance to temperatures of up to 250C. The soft knitted polycotton lining gives maximum comfort when stoking your fire, while the silicone spots provide added grip. A new and improved design means that fingers and palms now have enhanced grip and control, with the addition of silicon rubber dots making tools and firewood easier to grasp. The black elbow length gloves protect the hand, wrist and forearm and come in one size: medium/large (size 9).
The Vanquish 250 is our deluxe heat powered stove fan. The fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by your stove into larger than average sized rooms. Which means you will no longer be fighting over the arm chair next to the fireplace! Our Stove Fans are also self-powered, using the heat from the stove to generate power so no batteries or mains power are needed. Why the Vanquish? The Vanquish 250 has unrivalled output, pushing out up to 90% greater airflow than other designs. The blade design also makes it especially suited to larger rooms. The quiet, cool running motor provides superior quality and maximises fuel efficiency. The Design The stove fan is the tallest fan in our range, this, combined will the slender aerodynamically designed blades gives it the optimum air movement, pushing out more warm air into your room.
Ignite stoves, BBQs, candles and more with this electronic, fully rechargeable lighter. CHARGING YOUR LIGHTER: Connect the USB to a standard USB power source Connect the Micro USB Mini end of the charging cable to the USB Rechargeable Lighter The LEDs will illuminate in turn to indicate that charging is taking place The charging process takes between 1 and 2 hours from complete discharge to a full battery Once fully charged, the LED charging indicator will remain solid Disconnect immediately once fully charged to prevent overheating and preserve battery life