About Us

We are fast becoming one of Lancashire's most popular log service providers. We are a family run business who are well known in the Ribble Valley area for looking after our customers. With a history of experience in selling timber, we always strive to provide the best service possible. We deliver our logs to most Lancashire areas and do our best to ensure that all orders are delivered as quickly as possible and at a time that suits our customers. 

Kiln Dried Logs UK was set up to run alongside the family Home and Garden business. We also welcome any interest from business owners who are interested in purchasing logs at trade prices. We offer competitive prices and can supply schools, local pubs, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and logs stove companies. We have spent quite a while sourcing our wood products as we know there is a lot of poorer quality products out there. We only want to supply the best kiln dried wood to our customers. Please do come and give us a try. We are a friendly, approachable team who will offer some good sound advice on burning wood for your log stove.

As many people may have already found, it is not as easy as you think to establish a good fire. Customers are often given poor quality damp wood to try which leaves them feeling disappointed with their log stoves. All customers really need is good quality wood and a little knowledge to get them going. We look forward to seeing you soon. ~ The 'Kiln Dried Logs UK' team ~ Longsight Nursery Limited trading as 'Kiln Dried Logs UK'