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This cosy Grill Cabin 6.9 m2 is designed for a family or a small circle of friends to relax, and it can be used in all weather conditions. The Grill Cabin is made of quality materials and is not only functional, but also decorates the environment. A good colour selection for your cabin can make a garden or a yard look exceptional.

The high-quality materials used in the cabin’s construction ensure the longevity of the grill house and it will give many years of enjoyment. The Cabin walls are made of rounded spruce boards with the dimension 45 x 145 mm. A roof is made of eight elements, thus the system can withstand a considerable weight. The Cabin roof is covered with bitumen shingles (different colours can be selected), and there are four opening double glazed windows. Besides that, doors are decorated with original hexagonal window. You can also find spruce benches inside the cabin by the walls. The Floor is easily assembled from separate components.

There is a convenient wood- or charcoal-fired grill with a table around it inside the cabin. Above the grill there is a 1.6 to 2.5 m long and 0.93 m wide chimney. Finally, the cabin is lockable and there is a small porch with a roof at the entrance.

The Grill Cabin is delivered to the customer fully complete, with detailed assembly instructions and drawings, and packed on a pallet (KIT). Two people can easily assemble Grill Cabin in 6 – 8 hours.

Cosy little BBQ Hut for entertaining your friends and family no matter what the weathers like




With a family history that dates back years in the timber industry it seems quite fitting to branch out into a wood related area. With some extensive research as well as a business trip to Lithuania we have finally found an exciting new timber building product we are more than happy to promote.

The cabins on offer  are exclusive within the log cabin industry and are new to the UK market. Boasting CE approved quality residential windows and doors these cabins are currently the best innovative product we have  seen within our 30 years experience within the timber trade. People often ask what makes these cabins so unique in offering high quality structures at affordable prices. It has a lot to do with the timber that is used. This is because only timber grown in one of the coldest parts of the world is used to manufacture the log cabins. The timber is slow grown due to the very cold climates in the Siberian mountains and due to its slow grown conditions is generally more durable.  A lot of cabin companies use wood grown in European climates which means it will have grown quicker than in the colder regions and is more likely to be weaker leading to more faults within the cabin structure. These cabins offer no less than 44mm cabin thicknesses meaning all the log cabin buildings are substantially built from only the very best specifications. Realising how important it is to have a substantially robust floor within a log cabin we only use 28mm tongue and groove flooring as standard. This is one of the first areas some cabin companies try to save money on but don’t pass this onto the customer by using cheaper less durable boards that warp after a short period of time.

The cabins pride and joy has to be the newly developed windows and doors. These are a first in the log cabin industry. Quality CE approved residential windows and doors. After years of innovative study the company have finally succeeded in producing windows and doors of residential quality with the added bonus of the CE certification. All the new Deluxe range offer these as standard with the added option of being able to choose the colour from the extensive RAL colour chart variations.

The team currently consists of mum Lindsay a qualified IT Teacher who currently gave up her position at a local college, to join the family business seeing the potential for growth in bringing IT and marketing skills to the industry. Lindsay currently develops the company’s web presence as well as uses marketing skills to push the business forward on various social media platforms as well as other accessible media.

Then we have Danny the Director of the business who has gained experience from working with two generations of his own family who’d grown up themselves submerged in the timber industry. His grandad being the first to  invent in his day a bespoke specialist timber cutting machine which went on to be used by many businesses within the timber trade. Working from a very young age in a wood environment there isn’t much you can educate Danny about wood. Careful, meticulous and very thorough are how I would describe Danny’s values and methods. He has worked consistently hard in moving the business forward and he is now looking forward in delivering this new venture to his customers.

Last but not least we have their son Joshua. Josh as he likes to be called, who has had an even greater advantage with having three generations of industry knowledge at his fingertips. Having trained in joinery at his local college Josh has soon crafted out an important role for himself within the company, being able to turn his hand to almost anything wood related. He has become a valuable asset and now plays a lead role in moving the business forward. NEW LOG CABIN WEBSITE COMING SOON….WATCH THIS SPACE…


The cabins on offer are exclusive within the log cabin industry and are new to the UK market.



These are a first in the log cabin industry. Quality CE approved residential windows and doors.